Jim Wade

Archaeology Archivist

Jim was the Special project assistant at the N.J. State Museum researching 17th & 18th Century New Jersey land deeds of the Delaware-Lenape Indians. Jim documented the Delawares' forced migration westward from New Jersey and north to Canada, using historic maps at Princeton University.    >>> read more about Jim

Native Americans of Central New Jersey - Topics

  • Who were the Native American Indians of New Jersey?
  • Way of life, hunting and gathering, horticulture, food preparation, dress, shelter, rituals, worship and cosmology.
  • What Indians Lived In Your Town?
  • Local Indian origins - Hunterdon, Somerset, Middlesex, Mercer, and Monmouth Counties - Central New Jersey Indian land deeds and archival manuscript records.
  • New Jersey Native American Indian Tools
  • Native American Hunting tools, horticulture tools, weapons.
  • NJ Native Americans Legacy and Influence On Present-day NJ life
  • Native American Indian origin of New Jersey's roadways, Indian names of towns, rivers, mountains, etc. found in Central New Jersey.

Where Are They Now?

  • Forced migration of the Delaware-Lenape Native American Indians from New Jersey to Oklahoma and Canada. Present-day Delaware-Lenape.

Did You Know:

  • There were Native American Indians living in Central New Jersey and throughout the state of New Jersey five hundred to thousands of years ago?
  • There were Native American Indian villages with their own particular names that were situated all along the Raritan, Millstone, and Delaware Rivers?
  • There were many names of Native Anerican Indian individuals associated with specific locations throughout the Delaware, Raritan, and Millstone Valleys, with numerous Indian names directly associated with particular Indian villages?
  • There was a multitude of Indian trails that passed through and criss-crossed the Central New Jersey region, some possibly passing right through where you live today?
  • Come take a journey back in time and discover the original Indian inhabitants who once lived in your town, and uncover the hidden presence of the Indians who once hunted, fished and gathered wild plants throughout Central New Jersey region and maybe right in your own backyard!
  • The aim of this presentation is to make the public aware of the Native Americans who once lived in New Jersey, their significance as a people, relationship to the land, and their legacy through Indian names of places, rivers, mountains, towns, etc., that are still used by us today. See and touch actual Indian stone artifacts found throughout New Jersey, and learn how they were made and used by the Native Americans.
  • This information provides a "window in time" on how the Native American Indians lived and who they were, attesting to the longevity of their success in survival here in New Jersey for thousands of years.

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